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The Military History Seminar Series

2014 Subject: “When Diplomacy Fails: The Outbreak of WW I and the Cataclysm of 1914. Fresh Perspectives on the 100th Anniversary of the Great War”

Leading Authority: Dr. Sean McMeekin (“The War of the Ottoman Succession: Re-Examining the First World War a Hundred Years Later”)
Leading Authority: Dr. Geoffrey Wawro (“A Made Catastrophe: The Outbreak of WW I and the Lessons for Today”)

2013 Subject: The National Security Implications of the Kennedy Assassination

Leading Authority: Dr. David Kaiser
("Crime, Covert Action, and the Kennedy Assassination")
Leading Authority: Thurston Clarke
("John F. Kennedy's Last Hundred Days")

2012 Subject: "Death of the Wehrmacht - The Rise of American Combat Power and the Destruction of Hitler's Army"

Leading Authority: Dr. Robert Citino
("Encircled: the German Army and the Problem of the Multifront War")
Veteran's Perspective: Lieutenant-Colonel James "Maggie" Megellas US Army (retired)
("All the Way to Berlin")

2011 Subject: Dilemmas of American Power 1776 to 2011

Leading Authority: General Anthony Zinni
("The Generals' Dilemma: Aligning Warfighting With Politics, from the American Revolution to the War in Afghanistan.")
Leading Authority: Francis "Bing" West
("The Public's Dilemma: Who Will Fight for Us?")
Veteran's Perspective: Lieutenant-Colonel Phillip Frietze, United States Marine Corps
("U.S. Marine Engineers in the Helmand Province: The Big Red 7.")

2010 Subject: Graveyard of Empires or New Dawn in the Middle East? Fresh Perspectives on the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Leading Authority: Dr. Hew Strachan
("The British Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.")
Leading Authority: Dr. Seth Jones
("Afghanistan's Local War.")
Veteran's Perspective: Captain David Musick, US Army
("Combined Operations in Iraq in 2005 - 2008.")

2009 Subject: From the Fertile Crescent to the Hindu Kush: Front Line Perspectives on America's "Long War"

Leading Authority: Mr. Rajiv Chandrasekaran
("Counterinsurgency and State-Building in Iraq and Afghanistan: A View from the Front Lines.")
Veteran's Perspective: Dr. David Kilcullen
("The Accidental Guerilla: Fighting Small Wars in the Midst of a Big One.")
Veteran's Perspective: Captain William Nance
("Success of the Ink Spot: Area Security Operations in Southwest Mosul.")

2008 Subject: Western Coalition Warfare: Past, Present, and Future

Leading Authority: Dr. Jeremy Black
("Anglo-American Coalition Warfare: Past, Present and Future.")
Veteran's Perspective: General John Shaud, USAF (Ret.)
("An American Officer at SHAFE.")

2007 Subject: The Future of Warfare

Leading Authority: Dr. Victor Davis Hanson
("The Significance of Ancient Warfare for the Present and the Future.")
A Veteran's Perspective, Dr. Thomas A. Keaney
("The Future of Warfare: Politics and Technology.")

2006 Subject: Strategy and War in the 21st Century

Leading Authority: Sir Michael Howard
("War Among the Peoples.")
Veteran's Perspective: Vice Admiral Charles W. Moore
("Emirs, Admirals & Desert Sailors.")

2005 Subject: The Iraq War

Leading Authority: Dr. Geoffrey Wawro
("The War in Iraq. Causes, Conduct and the Weight of History.")
Veteran's Perspective: Captain Stanton Deland
("The Battle of Falluja: The Perspective of a Marine Veteran.")

2004 Subject: The Recent History of U.S. Civil-Military Relations

Leading Authority: Dr. Richard H. Kohn
("The Dangers of Militarization in a Perpetual War on Terrorism")
Veteran's Perspective: Lt. General Bradley C. Hosmer, USAF (Ret.)
("The Professional Military and Political War: What are the Risks?" )

2003 Subject: Precursors to Current Conflicts

Leading Authority: Dr. Brian M. Linn
(" The U.S. War in the Phillippines, 1890-1902")
Veteran's Perspective: Lt. Gen. Dave R. Palmer, USA (Ret.)
(" Winning the Peace: The Role of a Nation's Army")

2002 Subject: Terrorism

Leading Authority: Dr. Norman Itzkowitz
("The Psychology of Terrorists and Terrorism")
Veteran's Perspective: Lt. Gen. Maxwell C. (Clay) Bailey, USAF (Ret.)
("Counter Terrorism: Unconventional Warfare in Afghanistan")

2001 Subject: Perspectives on the Russian Military in World War II and the Cold War

Leading Authority: Col. David M. Glantz, USA (Ret.)
("Fact and Fancy: The Great Patriotic (Soviet-German) War, 1941-1945")
Veteran's Perspective: Lt. Gen. Charles Hamm, USAF (Ret.)
("Cold War Duty in Moscow")

2000 Subject: World War II

Leading Authority: Dr. Williamson "Wick" Murray
("Generalship, Leadership, and the Conduct of Operations in Europe, Lessons in World War II") Veteran's Perspective: Mr. John H. "Lucky" Luckadoo
("Life with the Bloody Hundredth Bomb Group")

1999 Subject: The War in Vietnam

Leading Authority: Dr. George Herring
("The Reluctant Warrior: LBJ as Commander-in-Chief")
Veteran's Perspective: Brig. Gen. David Winn, USAF (Ret.)
("Smart People; Dumb War?")

1998 Subject: The U.S. Fights in Asia: The Korean War

Leading Authority: Dr. Allan Millett
("Korea, the Forgotten War: Understanding is Better than Remembering")
Veteran's Perspective: Colonel Henry F. Gole
("The Combat Climate in Korea: A Reflection by a Once Young Soldier")

1997 Subject: Military Leadership in Total and Cold Wars

Leading Authority: Dr. Carlo D'Este
("General George Patton's Leadership in Total War-Who was George S. Patton?")
Veteran's Perspective: General Russell Dougherty
("A General's Perspective: Leadership in the Cold War")

1996 Subject: Political-Military Relations: In World War II and Cold War

Leading Authority: Dr. Mark Stoler
Veteran's Perspective: General John Chain
("Cold War Perspectives")

1995 Subject: The Decision to Use the A-Bomb

Leading Authority: Dr. Robert Divine
Veteran's Perspective: Mr. David Braden
("B-29 Operations Against Japan")

1994 Subject: Japanese Combat Tradition

Leading Authority: Dr. Alvin Coox
Veteran's Perspective: Mr. Roy Appleton
("Five Pacific Landings with the Marines")

1993 Subject: Role of Intelligence in 20th Century History

Leading Authority: Dr. Carl Boyd
Veteran's Perspective: Admiral Bobby Inman
("Post World War II Intelligence")

1992 Subject: 1942 in the Pacific

Leading Authority: Dr. Robert Love
Veteran's Perspective: General Robert Galer
("Marine Air Operations in the Pacific")

1991 Subject: German Planning of Barbarossa Campaign

Leading Authority: Dr. Gerhard Weinberg
Veteran's Perspective: Colonel Carl Reddel
("Perspectives on Soviet Society")

1990 Subject: The German Offensive 1940

Leading Authority: Dr. Dennis Showalter
Veteran's Perspective: Air Vice-Marshall R.A. Mason
("The Battle of Britain")

1989 Subject: Hitler and the United States

Leading Authority: Dr. Gerhard Weinberg
Veteran's Perspective: Maj. General A.R. "Bud" Bolling
("The Battle of the Bulge")

1988 Subject: Eisenhower as Supreme Commander

Leading Authority: Dr. Stephen Ambrose (Dr. Al Hurley-substitute)
Veteran's Perspective: Maj. General H.S. Hansell, Jr.
("Planning the Air War in Europe")

1987 Subject: The Lessons of the Korean War

Leading Authority: Dr. Burton I. Kaufman
Veteran's Perspective: Brig. General Ed Simmons
("The Marines in Korea")

1986 Subject: George Marshall

Leading Authority: Dr. Forrest Pogue
Veteran's Perspective: General William Y. Smith
("View of the Soldier-Statesman")

1985 Subject: Operations in the Pacific

Leading Authority: Professor Ron Spector
Veteran's Perspective: General T.R. Milton
("World War II Bombing Operations")

1984 Subject: General Douglas McArthur

Leading Authority: Dr. Clayton James
Veteran's Perspective: General Bryce Poe
("Reconnaissance Operations in Korea")

1983 Subject: General George Patton

Leading Authority: Professor Martin Blumenson
Veteran's Perspective: Lt. General A.P. Clark
("The POW Experience in Europe")

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