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Pre-Revolutionary War Era
The French and Indian War
The American Revolution
Royalists in the War for Independence

War of 1812
Mexican War

Pre-Revolutionary War Era

Fortress of Louisbourg -
"tourist information and more about the fortress and 18th-century reconstruction on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia."

The Buffalo Barracks -
"is devoted to the "Buffalo Barracks" military post, which existed two decades prior to the Civil War, in Buffalo, New York. Several young officers served in garrison there between 1838 and 1846, and then later became quite famous in the wars that followed."
-- Cliff Williams.

American Longrifles -
dedicated to the study and building of historically accurate American longrifles otherwise known as Kentucky or Pennsylvania rifles

Spanish Colonial Military Artifacts -
An online exhibit interpreting ca. 1650-1821 Spanish colonial military artifacts from southeastern North America focusing upon such uniform-related materials as buttons, buckles, and insignia.

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The French and Indian War

Seven Years War Website -
articles, links, reenactment information presented by the Discriminating General

French and Indian War (1755-1763) -
devoted to the French soldiers who came to fight, and many of whom remained behind to marry the Canadian women. The page includes a list of names of most of these soldiers (continuously updated), A brief history of the war, References, and places to visit related to the war

Fort William Henry -

How Newspapers Covered The French and Indian War

Journal of the Indian Wars -
quarterly publication of the study of the American Indian Wars

Ed Sanders -
has "stories in the history section of my web site regarding the French & Indian War

Rogers Rangers -
"Volunteers devoted to reenacting the French and Indian [and] Revolutionary Wars"

Seven Years War Association -
making information available of an historical and wargame nature

USA: Paris Treaty 1763 -

USA: French and Indian War 1 -

USA: French and Indian War's Impact on America

USA: The Seven Years War

Royal Warrant of 1768
on dress codes

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The American Revolution

The History of Revolutionary War

American Revolution Bibliography

Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents

Declaration of Independence

The American Revolution and the struggle for Independence

Revolutionary War Web Site

NYPL RevWar pictures

Hispanics in Americas Defense- The War of Independence

Captain Nathan Hale

Revolutionary War Web Site
A small assortment of digitized (GIF & JPG) photos of US revwar re-enactments, colonial Wiilliamsburg, etc.

Brigade of the American Revolution
"non-profit, international, educational historical association of over 130 separate units dedicated to recreating the life and times of the soldier of the American revolution."

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Sons of the American Revolution (SAR)

Sons of the Revolution - Connecticut

Florida Society SAR: Revolutionary War Heroes

Tennesee - SAR

Click revlist
to subscribe to a mailing list for individuals that do living history during the American Revolution (AWI) period, SEND an email as follows: (body of message) subscribe revlist your email address. You may also go to their Web Page to subscribe

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Royalists in the War for Independence

Loyalist and British Songs of the American Revolution

Maryland Loyalists in the American Revolution
describing James Chalmers's reaction to Thomas Paine's "Common Sense", (1776) in royalist-plain truth

Maryland Loyalists and the American Revolution
has the answer to 'Common Sense' by Thomas Paine ... "The PLAIN TRUTH" by James Chalmers, a Maryland loyalist. -- Jeff Roberts

Butler's Rangers home page -

Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania -
"a history of the famous Battle of Wyoming in which Butler's Rangers fought."

The Battle of Oriskany

Jeff Preston's home page -

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to subscribe to the Loyalist Mailing List type in the subject heading:

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War of 1812

Battle of Fallen Timbers -

Fort Erie Homepage -
Look for information on a book called "Guide Book to the Historic Sites of the War of 1812". "It will be available from Dundurn Publishing-Toronto-Buffalo. The book has 385 historic sites from the War of 1812 covering all of North America. Included also are 27 maps and 47 illustrations."

War of 1812 - Seige of Fort Erie -
Re-enactors of War of 1812 events can keep informed of all scheduled events. In addition, there are links to all other 1812 related pages.

The Patriots Site -
"provides a great deal of history related to Fort McHenry from its creation in 1796 through World War II with particular emphasis on the Battle of Baltimore during the War of 1812." - Gene Towner

Road to Washington - British Army Style -
"events leading up to the attack on Washington, D.C. and the writing of the Star Spangled Banner."

War of 1812 website -
has "free articles" on a variety of subjects of special interest to living history enthusiasts

Scottish Regiment at the Battle of New Orleans 1815
The 93rd were deprived of their kilts and feathered bonnets and sent into action in tartan trews and a particularly unbecoming form of cocked Kilmarnock bonnet.

Historic Traveler Feature: Battle of New Orleans
full text article from March '98

War of 1812 Website -
articles, links and reenactment information

War of 1812 -
(Archives of Ontario)

War of 1812 -

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Mexican War

The Mexican-American War Memorial Homepage -

Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site -

Monterey County Historical Society: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Treaty with Mexico (February 2, 1848) -
"by which the United States gained not only Texas but New Mexico and Upper California."

Descendents of Mexican War Veterans -
is a non-profit, non-political, national lineage society chartered by the State of Texas. Its purposes are historical, genealogical, educational and charitable in character. Currently, the DMWV has more than 300 members, both men and women, scattered across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Approximately 10% are historians, university professors, and other interested persons who have joined as associate members. Activities include erecting monuments and memorials, preservation, protection and enhancement of historic sites, and compiling and sharing information about the Mexican War and its veterans. The DMWV regularly publishes a periodical, MEXICAN WAR Journal, and a newsletter, The American Eagle

Mexican-American Memorial Homepage -
"Historia en Red, a working group of Mexican history students, invite you to visit the Mexican-American Memorial Homepage / Album Conmemorativo de la Guerra entre Mexico y Estados Unidos. It contains some texts, documents, a detailed day to day chronicle, and a lot of images."

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Webster-Ashburton Treaty 1842 and Associated Documents
"defined the boundaries between Maine and British territories, and settled the final suppression of the African slave trade."

Aroostook War: Maine vs. New Brunswick (1839)
short history of the conflict and its resolution

Story of the Aroostook War
as told by Joshua Crooker of Minot, Maine

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