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Prospective Graduate Students

Selecting the right graduate program is a major decision with life-altering implications. Not only must you meet university and departmental admissions requirements, but it is imperative that you select the program that is right for you. Unlike selecting an undergraduate institution, your selection criteria must be extremely specific. You must ask yourself: what type of history do I want to study: military, political, social...? Do I want to study US History, European, Middle East, Asian...? What period do I want to study: ancient, medieval, pre-modern, or modern? Only you can answer these questions. Once you have answered most or all of these questions you need to look for graduate programs that specialize in your area of interest. Programs that do specialize in your area of interest will have one or more faculty in the department working in this field. Before you consider spending the money on the application fee, contact the professor and express your interest. See if that professor would be willing to work with you, discuss your research interest, and establish a relationship. Never walk into graduate school not knowing who you will work with or what you want to study. We can help you answer some of these questions and we encourage you to contact us about your prospects of studying at the Center. Just email us!

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Geoffrey Wawro

The following will tell you all you need to know about the admissions process:
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