Brian R Price

Brian R. Price, PhD UNT 2011, is the author of seven books on topics related to medieval knighthood and historical swordsmanship. His in-progress dissertation seeks to demonstrate the systematic approach to martial arts in surviving medieval fighting treatises from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries.

His previous books include Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction, the Sword in Two Hands, Teaching and Interpreting Historical Swordsmanship, the Book of the Tournament, and Ramon Lull's Book of Knighthood and Chivalry. From 1992-99 he was editor for Chronique: The Journal of Chivalry and founder of the Company of Saint George, a medieval tournament company.

At UNT his major fields of study revolve around medieval and early Renaissance chivalric culture and his paleographical, medieval and Renaissance studies are directed by Dr. Laura Stern, renowned medievalist and expert on Renaissance Florence. His other related areas of focus correspond with the Italian condottieri, medieval arms and armour, the medieval tournament, and the Hundred Years War. He maintains a membership with the De Re Militari Society as well as with the Society for Military History and often delivers papers at the International Congress of Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Mr. Price is also known for his interest in the experience of the American military. He worked with Dr. Adrian Lewis prior to Dr. Lewis' relocation to the University of Kansas on the Gulf War, Korea, Vietnam and World War II. Dr. Geoffrey Wawro has served as his director for Mr. Price's studies into the theory of warfare from classical Greece through the modern day. Mr. Price has in progress an ongoing publication project relating to General Bill Creech, USAF with Dr. Alfred Hurley and he studies with Dr. Robert B. Citino on World War I. Other interests include the Cold War; the relationship between technology, war and society; aviation; operational doctrine; Soviet-era history and US-Soviet relations; and the tension between the state and the individual as expressed in American and world politics.

Brian R. Price has accepted a position with the Department of the Army's Human Terrain System, which serves deployed U.S. Army Brigade Combat Teams by providing socio-cultural information and injecting it into the staff decision-making process. He will be deployed to Afghanistan during 2011 and part of 2012. His current area of study is in the Afghan conflict since 2001, including counter-insurgency operations, theory, the inter-relationships of technology and war, and the Army's Brigade Combat System implemented as part of the 2005 DoD overhaul.

His previous research focused on the combat systems of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, and his books include, "The Martial Arts of Medieval Europe (Forthcoming)," "The Sword in Two Hands," and "Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction." He is the founder of the Schola Saint George, an international school of medieval martial arts.